Who We Are

We are a 501C3 certified non-profit organization whose mission is to feed and clothe those in need.

Our Story:

The idea of service has always been close to my heart. In 2012, I decided to call local soup kitchens to lend a hand. To my dismay, I was met with rejection as soup kitchens claimed they were simply “all set.” I persisted, and a few months later, I received an invitation from the Nashua Soup Kitchen to cook and serve their Saturday dinner. My family and friends pitched in, and together we served our first meal to 200 people. The rest is history!

Today, We Care Charity is a booming 501 C(3) non-profit with zero overhead, unpaid volunteers, and a lot of heart. We serve about 900 meals per month, donate 16,000 pounds of clothes, and keep over 100 impoverished students in school. Our four branches of service touch both my homes- New Hampshire and India:

1. Soup Kitchens: We cook and serve 380 fresh, home-cooked meals every month to folks in Nashua, Portsmouth, and Salem who need a helping hand. We never use canned or frozen foods, as we believe everyone deserves the highest quality service.

2. Children’s Homes: We cook and serve 500 fresh, home-cooked meals to children at the Nashua, Dover, and Portsmouth Children’s Homes. Additionally, we’re always there to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and to lend guidance or offer a listening ear.

3. Food for Education: We provide grains for 50 impoverished families in India, enabling children to attend class instead of working or begging for food. Additionally, we sponsor private-school education for 13 students.

My husband and I have built this non-profit from the ground-up; it’s truly a grassroots effort. We wouldn’t be where we are without your continued love and support. We’re always looking for financial assistance and volunteers, which are both crucial to our growth and success. As a reminder, 100% of your donations reach those in need. Thank you!

We are excited to share with you our accomplishments:
  • We purchase groceries, cook, and feed 850 people each month at three soup kitchens and three Children's homes.

  • We hold winter drives and donated over 1000 winter jackets and accessories to our homeless and families in shelter.

We Care Charity currently serves New England as well as India.

New England Operation:

We Care Charity cooks and serves hot and nutritious meals at three soup kitchens and three children’s homes in New Hampshire. Since 2013 WCC served countless meals and donated over 1000 winter jackets to homeless shelters in Nashua, NH as well as donated jackets and clothes to Syria. If you would like to become involved with our New England Operation, here are the simplest ways you can help.

  • Volunteer your time by cooking or serving at one of our venues

  • Sponsor a meal for a soup kitchen or children’s home

    • $175 to sponsor one meal at a children’s home

    • $300 to sponsor one meal at a soup kitchen

As always, monetary donations are appreciated as well.

India Operation:

We Care Charity’s India Operation:

1.  Sponsor our 'Education with grain distribution project': $1 a day to give grains to children and families so they attend school and not sell things on street corners

 2.  Our private education program for slum children. They are smart but lack opportunity. To educate one child in a private school for one full year is $350. This includes everything that is related to their school.